As the sponsoring committee of the inaugural Atlantic Basin Conference on Chemistry (ABCChem), we personally look forward to your participation in this exciting event. ABCChem is an innovative conference that will bring together chemists, students, engineers, and scientific colleagues from regions around the Atlantic Basin. It has been crafted to provide opportunities for attendees to share research and exchange diverse perspectives and novel ideas.

Participating speakers from North and South America, Europe, and Africa will drive discussions on a range of contemporary, scientific topics of global interest. ABCChem brings an opportunity to meet, interact, and engage with different colleagues and thought leaders from around the world while showcasing relevant themes in Chemistry.

ABCChem will be held at the Iberostar Hotel in Cancún, Mexico from 23-26 January, 2018. This welcoming facility will serve as a beautiful backdrop to ABCChem and is the perfect setting for relaxed after-hours networking and extended conversation on the conference’s relevant topics.

We encourage you to visit the sections of the website for more information on how to register for the conference and learn about our invited speakers. We hope you will join us as we share original concepts, network with new peers, and catch up with old friends!

See you in Cancún!

Warm regards,

Elsa Reichmanis, PhD, ACS Past President
David Cole-Hamilton, PhD, EuCheMS President
Peter Loock, PhD, CSC Awards Director
Mary Rosales, PhD, SQM Incoming President
Aldo Zarbin, PhD, SBQ President